Rooted in these craftsmanships, colors and patterns showcase traditions that have supported these cultures for so many years. With the rise of mass production it seems like the real artistry is appreciated less than ever. The last thing I want to see is the loss of such beauty and art. Colors, textiles, metals, ceramics, rugs, lamps, and the fact that someone literally sat down and to create such beauty and authenticity, are what inspired me to share such things with others.

The reason I gravitated to the Mosaic Lamps is the way the light is transformed through colored glass into such a perfect blend of both ambience and beauty. The reflection on the wall is a direct link to the years of this long time craft. One of my biggest passions is supporting these craftsman, and keeping the circulatory pattern of mixing samples of other cultures and countries in my own home and yours. Each piece I have is unique and special, and carries a small beautiful memory along with it. I would love to pass this message to others, “Make your home a place where you can see color, travel, and culture. These treasures are what truly make our world a unique and amazing place.”